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Welcome to Marriage & Family Center

Marriage & Family Center in Fort Myers, FL believes the world becomes a happier place by helping one person at a time. We inspire people to change their lives for the better. Everyone wants to have a joyous life and feel peaceful. But few people know how to make that happen. Happiness, peace of mind, and a life filled with joy only happen when we learn to think better and act better. Some people grew up in families with abuse, neglect, or addiction. Others grew up in families without major dysfunction, but in homes with a lack of knowledge and experience on how to create a joyous existence.
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Change Your Life Today

We all develop a set of skills that help us adapt to whatever environment we grew up in, and to some degree, it has worked. This becomes the way we respond in most situations in the present without even realizing it. However, those same skills may not be quite so effective, and can even be counter-productive when it comes to the relationships we have today; our current job situation, and the kind of life we want for ourselves. That is where the counseling we provide comes in. Change the way you think and the way you act in order to change your life experiences. In this way, you can begin to free your present and your future from your past and take charge of your life!

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